About the Marcie Headband

The Marcie Headband was inspired by my mum when she asked me to make her a comfortable headband that would keep her ears warm and her hair back when she was cycling in the chilly winter mornings.

It is designed to be  versatile and the pattern has been drafted to accommodate a variety of knit fabrics with variable stretch. It is a very easy and quick make, perfect for
beginners or a great introduction for sewers who have never used knits before.

The pattern includes  comprehensive instructions with pictures  and explains how to determine the amount of stretch your fabric has.

Use a lightweight fabric for a sporty look or use a heavier fabric to make toasty ear warmers for the colder seasons.

There are 2 versions;  only difference between the versions is location of the seam.
If you want to wear the band with narrower part at the front of your head, cut Version A.
If you want to wear the with the wider part at the front of your head,cut Version B.

This pattern is a downloadable PDF pattern. Check out my tutorial on how to use PDF patterns.