How to use a PDF Sewing Pattern


--Printing your PDF Pattern--

Open the .pdf file that you have downloaded.

Click File, Print.


In the Print Box, make sure ACTUAL SIZE is checked OR select the scaling to 100%. Most printers default to Fit To Page – if this is checked your pattern will print smaller than the actual size

Ensure your page format is set to Portrait. In my Printer Settings, I select Auto Portrait which ensures the document is centred on the page.

Note: Our patterns have been formatted to be printed on both A4 and US Letter size paper so shouldn't need to make any changes here if you printer has been setup for your PC.

Once you have printed the file, measure the test square that you will find on each page (you do not need to measure them on every page if you have printed them all at the same time) and make sure it actually measures 3cm x 3cm. If not, then your pattern has not printed in Actual Size.


--Pattern Assembly--

Trim the bottom and right edges of each page.

Stick the pages together aligning the circle guides. You can use tape or glue-stick to stick the pages together. I prefer glue-stick as it is quicker and easier. For more tips on how to easily assemble PDF patterns, read this blog post.

Now that you have assembled your pattern, you are ready to cut your size out and starting creating you item! 


Tip: Trace your size from the original using tracing paper or pattern-making paper. This allows you to go back to the original pattern if you need to make another size or if you need to grade between sizes.

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