What I made when I was pregnant // Part 2

 What I made when I was pregnant // Part 2

As well as making a bunch of clothing, I also got ‘sew-happy’ with sewing a bunch of accessories and a few items of baby clothing items. I didn’t sew too many baby clothes as they grow out of them so quickly and I prefer to make things that will last.

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What I made when I was pregnant // Part 1

I must be honest …when I first found out I was pregnant and went through 2.5 solid months of persistent nausea, I thought I’d lost my sewjo forever. I did not sew a thing, couldn’t lift a finger to work on Wearable Studio and barely entered my sewing room the entire time.

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Heidi Day Dress // Tester RoundUp

Welcoming diversity in all its forms is one of our key values. That’s why writing these posts after the release of each pattern is very important as it helps to see how the dress works on different body sizes and shapes.

As always, I am very grateful for the help from all the ladies who test our patterns and help me tweak and improve them as much as possible. The Heidi dresses all turned out beautifully and I am so proud to share them.

Kealy @voiceofacreative. Watch her review on her You-Tube channel.

Millie - Blog Milsy Pezwardo

Carolyn @micko_mum

Maureen @atomicbeet