Get to know me.

Hello! Firstly I would like say that I am thrilled that you have taken the time to visit me here. I am so excited that I now have my own little space to share my passion for craft, without getting those funny “you are crazy” looks from my friends (well some of them!).



I started sewing just after I graduated from university in 2012. My mum had always sewn when we were kids however I never showed much interest until later in life. I kind of wish I had, but I guess you can’t regret these things.

My passion for garment sewing really took off in the last couple of years when I started sewing lessons in Melbourne. With the encouragement of my wonderful teacher, it was at this point that I discovered the art of pattern alteration/pattern making and it didn't take long before I was hooked!!

At first this new obsession to learn and sew as much as I could was an escape tactic to drown away the unhappiness I was suffering from my day job at the time. This lead me to seriously think about how to turn my passion into something more. It was by no means a quick or easy process and it took a hard look deep into my soul to finally figure what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it.

As a result, I have found myself am now diving deep into the world of pattern drafting, pattern making and garment design whilst working part-time. When I am busy designing and making my patterns, I often think how perfect this craft is for me. I am a very left-brained math-loving nerd who craves a creative outlet. I am on a steep learning curve at the moment but you know, I am loving every minute of it and couldn't be happier!

Finally the universe lead me to this little space on the internet where I can log my journey. I look forward to sharing my love of sewing, female independence and little life joys here on my new blog. 

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