#smyly2018 challenge // Velo Culottes

Sewing Makes You Love Yourself (#smyly2018) is a challenge which exemplifies everything that I feel about sewing. Initiated by three lovely ladies of the sewing community Athina Kakou, Lisa Kisch and Hattie Van Der Krohn, this challenge celebrates the power of sewing in keeping many of us happy, healthy and sane.



EDUCATION about our bodies and about the fashion retail industry.

As we all know, when you start learning to fit clothes to your body, there is no room for denial. Every lump and bump is abruptly revealed and you will discover at some point, that your hips are not symmetrical on both sides.  This is what sewing has taught me. That every body is different...yes, you heard me...NO SINGLE BODY IS THE SAME... EVER! The more I learn to fit clothing to my body and other people's bodies, the more I realise that it is a wonder any of us walk into shops and find anything to fit us. And when we don't find anything that fits, we think there is something wrong with us! This is a sad truth.

CONFIDENCE to be unique, to live our truth.

I may be taking a different approach to #smyly2018 here however it is not only  the physical practice of sewing that has been good for me. The passion I have for this hobby has opened up the door to a truly amazing online sewing community where every member is a contributor of incredible support and creative inspiration.  

Throughout my childhood and early adult years, I never felt that I 'fitted in'. I was never interested in doing the typical things that people my age were 'supposed' to do or wear. I would feel this pressure most when being out on the town- I didn't feel comfortable wearing tight skirts, high heels and revealing necklines. Since I started sewing, my confidence to wear whatever makes me feel beautiful has grown exponentially. It has given me a certain kind of resilience that helps me embrace me for me and gives me confidence to tackle other life challenges.

COMMUNITY is change.

For the first time in many years, I can say that I feel a strong sense of belonging within the sewing community. To be part of a community that exudes so much passion for their hobby as well as kindness to their fellows is exciting! It is a safe place to get giddy about fabrics, and gush over the latest pattern releases. But what I am most inspired by, is the many women who are running their own creative businesses and thriving. These are the women who motivate me to leap for my own aspirations as an entrepreneur.  This community has truly changed my world!


I have chosen the Velo Culottes by Sew This Pattern. It is cheating a little as I finished this piece at the end of last year but haven't blogged about it yet. 

Culottes are not something I have made or worn before. I wasn't sure how or if I was going to wear them. After a little bit of playing around with my wardrobe items, I put together this outfit (the top is ready-to-wear). It is a deviation from my usual style but I felt so good in it that I surprised myself. I didn't think I could feel so comfortable and so chique at the same time. (And yes you may notice they match my lampshade!)


Velo culottes by sew this pattern
Velo culottes by sew this pattern


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