Featured Favourites// April


I am so excited to be finally be putting out the first monthly issue of 'Featured Favourites' . Although this blog is primarily about a sewing and a handmade life, there are many things that I come across in my daily wanderings that I find intriguing, educational but most importantly thought-provoking. So I have created this series as a means to share. My hope is that it can be a two-way sharing experience so please leave any recommendations that you may have in the comments below or on social media for a wider conversation.

This is the beauty of the millennial generation. It is so easy to learn and communicate about anything using very little effort or money. Many of the things that I intend to share here will not be solely sewing related however I hope that if you choose to indulge, you will find the snippets of joy and inspiration that I find in them too. 

Crafty Cool

How amazing is this guy finding meaning in his craft as a way to continue his wife's passions after her death.  




Sewing skill builder

Many of us are teaching ourselves to sew and thanks to the wide array of online sewing blogs, it has never been easier.

Lets not mess around. We are kicking off this segment with trousers! Pants/trousers/jeans/legging are words enough to make any sewer groan with pain. The good news is this process can be made a whole lot easier with Colette Patterns detailed Pants Fitting Cheatsheet. I was so relieved to find this and now use it every time I am struggling to fit pants. 

Watch it

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch an inspiring TED talk.

Being and finding strong independent female role models is something that I am passionate about. So as one of my favourite authours already, it wasn't hard to be genuinely moved by this powerful talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I find the cultural nuances that she references very interesting and she crafts a stunningly clever argument. This one is a must see!

Hear me out

Go check out my favourite podcasts of the month.

There are so many interesting sewing podcasts rapidly popping up on my Itunes Podcast app which is so exciting. I recently discovered The Merriweather Council Podcast which discusses the in's and out's of  starting a creative business.

NPR produces a diverse array of podcasts. One of my favourites is Hidden Brain and a recent episode, called Schadenfacebook, investigates how social media is affecting our mental health which I found particularly intriguing and scary!

That's all for this month's episode! Phew!

 I sincerely hope you have enjoyed it.

If you have, please leave me a comment below and tell me which one was your favourite and why.

**Please note: I do not have any affiliation or receive any monetary benefits for items/businesses that I recommend on this site. Anything that I share comes from a genuine place of love, respect and support for truly great products.**