Review // Gypsy Swing Top by Sew This Pattern

It's been a little while for me to get this make done because life has a way of slowing things down sometimes but better late than never! 

The lovely Annie from Sew This Pattern asked me to pattern test for her again. This time it was for her latest summery PDF pattern - The Gypsy Swing Top. I love pattern testing for a few reasons however they time constraints don't always fall into line with what's going on in life.

Nevertheless, here it is! I love how this top turned out. It is not normally something I would choose to make but I was so happy with the final result.


The pattern suggests a light-medium weight woven fabric such as chambray, cotton or gingham.

I shopped my stash and opted for this cotton with an african-style print that I have had for a few years. It was one of those impulsive, I-can't-walk-out-here-without-it purchases and I am so glad I finally found a good use for it. 


I cut a size 12 but am generally a C-cup in sewing patterns (which is equivalent to a D cup in ready-to-wear bras). 

When I pattern test, I try to make the pattern straight out of the box (or printer!). I have pattern tested for Sew This Pattern before though (The Daphne Day dress below) and knew that I would probably need a full bust adjustment (which is pretty standard for me). I did plan to do an FBA on this pattern but I  forgot and only realised after I cut the fabric that I was going to do this (doh!). A direct result of what happens when I have too many things on my mind!!

Skills learnt

This pattern is quite heavy on bias binding. This is not a problem for me and I quite enjoyed it. If you are not too familiar with using bias binding however, then the Gypsy Swing Top would be the perfect pattern for you to practice a new skill. Yay! (I love learning new skills!). There is also a little bit of gathering to be done too.

I love discovering and learning clever construction techniques when I make a new pattern and the way this top came together with the bias binding element was fun!

What I would do different next time:

No surprises here; a full bust adjustment!

Luckily however, the top fits my beautiful friend Ainslee perfectly. In fact, I think it suits her much better than it does me so I was more than happy to gift it to her.

Final Thoughts

A fun, quick make that will teach you the art of using bias binding.

Here are a few more pics:

The Gypsy Swing Top by Sew This Pattern
The Gypsy Swing Top by Sew This Pattern