Digital Sewing Scoop // November

I don't know about you, but I usually love the shift in atmosphere as the seasons change, especially here in Melbourne. As Summer approaches for us in the southern hemisphere, the excitement for the arrival of beach weather is quite obviously marred by everybody's preoccupation with the 'busy' season.  There are Christmas gifts to be bought, shopping mall parking to be fought over and plenty work parties to attend. I myself am attempting to avoid most of these December obligations however we all know it is not entirely possible!

So this month, I hope you can treat yourself and take a few minutes out of the seasonal craziness to get the latest scoop on the craft world.

Digital Sewing Scoop by The Wearable Studio

Sewing Community Highlights

What's new in the Sewing Scene?

If you can be in Melbourne in June next year, then check out this jam-packed craft event called Soul Craft Festival. It is running for the first time and is truly unique! Tickets are selling fast. (I promise I have no affiliation, I am just so excited about it!).

Crafty Cool

I love me some juicy stats and this pretty infographic compiled by Lauren from has some interesting data about the differences in sewing practice and what motivates us. 

Sewing Skill Builder

Many of us are teaching ourselves to sew and thanks to the wide array of online material, it has never been easier.

With the release of their new pant pattern, the Sasha Trousers, Heather has written another blog post about pants fitting. My favourite part of this post however is her epic pep talk about how we are too hard on ourselves! Yep, she isn't wrong there and I am sure you can relate too.

Heather gives the best pep talks- here is another one I like! 

I feel like so many of you put an insane amount of pressure on yourselves to achieve “perfection” when you’re sewing, as if there was some prize or punishment at the end of a project.
— Heather Lou

Body Love 

Real women with real bodies. Lets be kinder to ourselves.

A beautiful blog post written by Meg from Sew Liberated about being mother and what that means for your body. It is written so eloquently and celebrates the amazing things our bodies are capable of. 

Watch it

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch a fun or inspiring video.

Big Sonia is a feel-good documentary film about a quirky, 91-year-old who survived the holocaust and rebuilt her life an adored seamstress.

A fun 2-minute video about the past, present and future of fashion. 

Hear Me Out

Check out my favourite podcasts of the month.

My podcast find for this month is Heavyweight. Each episode features a human interest story that takes you back in time. 

Read It

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies" - George R. R. Martin

I have been trying to squeeze in more reading during my fleeting 'spare' moments. I am currently reading a non-fiction book called 'Danger Music'. It is the story of classical musician Emma (now Eddie), who whilst suffering from severe depression and gender identity crisis, decided to take a job in Afghanistan teaching children music as an escape from her inner demons. This is a truly enlightening book that shares many sad stories about life under Taliban rule. It really makes you look at your life from another perspective and reminds us how lucky we are.

I hope you have enjoyed this month's issue.

 If you have any recommendations for me, I would love to know! You can get in touch via email, Instagram or leave a comment below. 


**Note: I do not have any affiliation or receive any monetary benefits for items/businesses that I recommend on this site. Anything that I share comes from a genuine place of love, respect and support for truly great initiatives.**