*NEW* Now selling semi-printed patterns!

I am so happy to announce that we are now selling a "semi-printed" version of our Franki Top. And if successful,  they will be definitely be made available for our future patterns too.

Selling patterns like this is not commonly done although a few indie pattern companies are doing it. I believe that there is a market for it so I have included a little bit more about why I have chosen to sell my patterns this way below. 

What is a semi-printed pattern you ask?

A semi-printed pattern is when ONLY the pattern pieces are printed in large format (80gsm paper) and mailed out to you. For the Franki top, this consists of only 1 A0 page.

The instruction booklet is NOT printed but rather sent to you via email, just as you would receive a PDF pattern. As a little gift to you, my lovely customers, a digital copy of the A0 file will ALSO be emailed in case you would like to print another copy of the pattern yourself.

Why sell semi-printed patterns?

There are many preferences amongst us sewists. Whilst many of us love the rise of the PDF pattern (myself included!), there are still many who hate the cutting and sticking process as well as the potential inaccuracies that can be fraught with sticking a multitude of A4 pages together. This can be a huge stumbling block for some people even if they really like the pattern.

If you are not too fussed about having all your patterns presented in pretty-packaging and are happy to have digital instructions (which you can still print at home if you would like too), then a semi-printed pattern is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Why don't you just sell fully printed patterns like everyone else?

Printing patterns entirely from scratch is a costly and risky process. As a business owner, there are many aspects to consider when making a huge investment like this. 

Semi-printed patterns are a good halfway solution for where my business is currently and will hopefully open the door for those who are not fan of the PDF pattern.