Venus Kimono // Sew This Pattern

The Venus Kimono by Sew This Pattern is a pattern I have been wanting to make for at least 2 years now. Over the Summer, I was missing a cool cover-up to wear over T-shirt and singlets so decided to finally make it. I have also been on a bit of a stash/scrap busting mission recently, so was pretty chuffed as I had the perfect fabric to use.

Venus Kimono Review by Sew This Pattern
Venus Kimono Review by Sew This Pattern
Venus Kimono Review by Sew This Pattern
Venus Kimono Review by Sew This Pattern


In my stash, I found 1.5m of this light fabric that I purchased from The Fabric Store a few years ago. I cannot remember the content but I’d guess it is a viscose blend. The fabric is opaque, very light and airy with pretty good drape.


Unfortunately I didn’t have enough fabric for the pattern so I shortened both the front and the back pieces so that it just fit onto the fabric. I didn’t mind as the shorter style was probably more appropriate for the hot Summer that we have had this year.


This pattern is super simple to construct. Annie describes how to sew a french seam which is necessary for light and see-through fabrics. It is also one of my favourite techniques.

The longest part of this make is finishing the hems. The pattern suggests making a rolled hem, using the sewing machine. For this fabric, I’d normally use the rolled hem function on my overlocker but I decided to use a hemming technique called double-neatening. This is a cool technique I learnt at college last year and wanted to try out. It’s is not too different from the machine rolled hem described in the pattern however the only difference is that after the first fold and stitch, the seam allowance is trimmed back close to the stitch line before folding and stithing for the second time. This achieves a very narrow and neat hem.

I must admit however, I regretted choosing this method. Firstly, it took so much time but secondly, I realised once I had finished, that the hem line had stretched quite significantly which left me with a wavy edge and it wasn’t as neat as I’d hoped.. This is entirely due to the nature of the fabric and in hindsight, using the rolled hem function on my overlocker would have been much quicker and easier which is exactly how I finished the sleeve hems.

Final Thoughts

Although not intentional,  I don’t mind the ‘wavy’ hem around the neckline and sleeves. It adds an extra little detail. I do enjoy wearing this kimono when I feel the need to jazz up my otherwise plain shorts and t-shirt attire. Being pregnant at the moment, it is quite nice to have something to hide the bump inside (although I don’t think this is going to be possible for much longer).

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