Featured Favourites // July

Featured Favourites // July

It's the peak of winter here in Australia and while we know our winters are mild compared to many places in the world, it doesn't stop us from complaining! So in the spirit of staying warm and cosy (sorry if you are in the Northern Hemisphere), grab a hot drink, blanket and read on! 

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Featured Favourites // June

It been a little longer than anticipated to bring you the next Featured Favourites because for the last couple of weeks, I have been a very busy little bee setting up the new online shop. Finally, it has been made live!! Yay!! 

Anyways, it hasn't stopped me from mentally storing a range of little gems that I am busting to share with you. 

So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy. :-)

Crafty Cool

Here is an interesting blog post by  littlelambstudios.com about how sewing has helped her love her body. I am inspired by anything that helps women to love themselves more and celebrates their individuality.

Song of the Singer Sewing Machine: The history of the Singer sewing machine has been explored in a BBC radio documentary. My love for sewing and documentary radio all packaged into one. Yessss! :-)

Sewing skill builder

Many of us are teaching ourselves to sew and thanks to the wide array of online material, it has never been easier.

I am so fussy with fit of my handmade clothing. So much so that I ALWAYS make a muslin for any new pattern that I am making. This handy article  by Crafsty goes through how to make the most of your muslins.

Watch it

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch an inspiring video, usually source from TED .

How do we find inspiration for our creative endeavours? Is there any such thing a truly 'original' content these days? Well, watch this video to find some answers to these questions. 

Hear me out

Check out my favourite podcasts of the month.

There are so many great sewing podcasts coming out. I have been soaking up the sounds of  the Maker Style Podcast this month. Rachel interviews heaps of well known bloggers and business owners from the international sewing community and I love the insight into their worlds.

I have never been one to 'binge' watch or listen to anything except that this month I discovered S-town, the latest podcast by the same team from the well-known podcast This American Life. I was absolutely hooked with S-town from the very first episode. It is a 7 episode real-life story set in a small town called Woodstock, (a.k.a. Shit-town). The various characters of the town are profiled and I find them fascinating. The show has been produced beautifully. It is very different from anything I have listened to before. Go check it out! 


That's all for this month's episode! 

 I hope you have enjoyed it.

If you have any suggestions for me, please leave me a comment below.

**Please note: I do not have any affiliation or receive any monetary benefits for items/businesses that I recommend on this site. Anything that I share comes from a genuine place of love, respect and support for truly great products.**

Top 4 Indie Sewing Pattern Companies

**Please note: I do not have any affiliation or receive any monetary benefits for items/businesses that I recommend on this site. Anything that I share comes from a genuine place of love, respect and support for truly great products.**

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have gained a whole lot of inspiration from the women who have started up their own indie sewing pattern companies and who currently lead and inspire us, the humble home-sewers.

There are many reasons that I support indie sewing pattern businesses. Initially, I was drawn to them by the incredibly detailed and easy to follow instructions which most of them provide. If you have ever tried to sew a garment from the Big 4 pattern companies as a beginner (and even an intermediate sewer), you will know what I mean! The indie pattern companies have bridged the gap between beginner and intermediate sewer which has made it much easier for anyone wanting to begin or advance their skills towards producing handmade clothing.

Unfortunately there is still the general belief that sewing is for those of the "older" generation. I am so pleased that there are so many young, vibrant designers and entrepreneurs who are making strides towards changing the stigma about handmade fashion and are inspiring many of us “younger folk” to do the same.

Since I am a lover of the PDF pattern, all these companies unsurprisingly offer both PDF and printed pattern options.

I should add that this is very short selection of the companies that I enjoy and frequent most often. There are many more that I love and we would be here a while if I included them all. If you enjoy this post, I would be more than happy to do another post outlining a few of my other favourites. Just drop me a line to let me know. :-)

Sew Over It London

They say one shouldn’t have favourites but I have to admit, Sew Over It was my first love in the indie sewing world and I am certain I am not the only hardcore fan.

I first stumbled across Lisa Comfort on her You-tube channel and was instantly drawn to the world of You Tube sewing vloggers (more on this in future blogs!) and the online sewing community.

Lisa is the owner of Sew Over It which is a bricks and mortar fabric store in London, as well as a prolific sewing pattern company. Their designs are vintage inspired and  their fabric is always delicious! Unfortunately being in Australia, postage from the UK is too expensive when buying small bits of fabric, so I have managed to practice some serious restraint and haven’t bought any fabric from them YET.

Lisa often shares little peaks behind the scenes on her vlog which I always love watching and her work is always beautiful and inspirational.

Key Features:

  • Vintage-inspired designs

  • Construction is shown in photographs with description in words. Their instructions are always easy to follow.


What I have made: Silk Cami, Ultimate Wrap Dress, Heather Dress (pictured above) and Ultimate Trousers.

Next up: Lots of items from their latest e-book My Capsule Wardrobe- City Break

Tilly and the Buttons - UK


This is a pattern company that truly considers the beginner sewer to be their priority. This, coupled with impeccable garment design and fit, equals perfection. They are my go- to company for knit garments thanks to their brilliant instructions, which will hold your hand through the scary 'sewing with knits' techniques.

Every pattern they release seems to be an absolute hit in the online sewing community, the most recent of which was the Cleo dress and the Zadie dress.

Their instructions are incredibly detailed and will guide you through each step carefully to ensure that you end up with a beautifully made garment.

I have made the Coco dress and Agnes Top (3 of them!) and can’t stop raving about them.

Key Features:

  • #1 for beginners 
  • If you are one of those many sewers who are petrified of knit fabrics (guilty!) , then I highly recommend trying one of their patterns.

Top Tip

  • I find their patterns are drafted for a bigger waist-to-hip ratio so if you are smaller, I recommend grading the hips before cutting your fabric. (For reference, my waist is 74 cm/29.5in and hips 99cm/39.5in)

What I have made: Agnes Top , Coco dress 

Next up: Zadie Dress, Bettine Dress

Megan Nielsen Patterns

Ok, so full disclosure here -  Megan Nielsen is from Perth. I grew-up in Perth. For those who don’t know, Perth is the most isolated city in Australia (some say the world but I can’t vouch for this) and a sleepy big-town-of-a-city. So of course, any sewing related company as amazing as Megan Nielsen Patterns is going to have my heart instantly!

Putting aside my innate bias, Megan Nielsen’s patterns are professional to the max and everything about them from the design details to the presentation are so beautiful. I love the little snippets she puts on Insta stories which give behind the scenes insight which I clearly adore. I haven't made too many of her patterns but love to follow her on social media and most definately plan to make more of her range.

Key Features

  • Instructions are very detailed in text and diagram format (oh and did I mention so pretty too! ;-)).
  • Modern, comfortable designs
  • Maternity pattern range

 What I have made: Rowan bodysuit (pictured above)

Next up: Axel Skirt, Darling Ranges Dress

Style Arc Patterns

Style Arc is another favourite who also happens to be a Melbourne-based pattern company. They are a highly prolific pattern company (there is a new style released every week) and their designs are super on trend with a little bit of quirk thrown in. 

I wouldn’t recommend this company for beginner sewers. Their instructions are scant to say the least (a trade-off for speedy pattern production?) and you can only buy the pattern in one size. 

One thing I do find with their patterns is that I don’t usually need to do a full bust adjustment (my bust is 96cm/ 37in (C-CUP)) which is something I often need to do with other pattern companies as most standard patterns are drafted for a B-cup.

Key Features: 

  • You get a free pattern with every purchase. There are two ' patterns of the month' and you get to choose which one you want with your purchase.
  • Instructions are very basic and mostly presented in text. There may be the odd diagram for more tricky construction.

Top Tip:

Patterns only come in one size so choose carefully.

What I have made: Celine Dress, Roxy Shirt (pictured above), Pearl Knit Top (free pattern)

Next up:  Too many to choose from!