Digital Sewing Scoop // January

Happy New Year everyone!

Digital Sewing Scoop Jan 2019

Inspiring Community

Love this beautiful story a doctor who sews a baby quilt for every patient that he delivers.

Crafty Cool

Fabric pleating is an age-old craft that is a dying art. Read about Melbourne’s last hand-pleating workshop Specialty Pleaters. The process of pleating is fascinating and so gorgeous.

Melanie from PoppyKettle recently shared her visit to their studio.

Sewing Skill Builder

Many of us are teaching ourselves to sew and thanks to the wide array of online material, it has never been easier.

This year I’m doing a series called Fabric Fix where each month I will write a post on a different natural fabric. We’re kicking it off for January with linen- one of my favourites!

Something new

There is a new sewing magazine on the scene but this one is all about sewing menswear. It’s called Bartack.

Watch it

A news story about the scientific and analytical nature of pattern making. I couldn’t agree more. Pattern making is both a science and an art.

Hear Me Out

Check out my favourite podcasts of the month.

Dirty John, is a true story about a dangerous con artist. It is not a new podcast but was new to me and what a listen! I binged all the episodes within 3 days. It has also recently been made into a tv series.

What I’m reading

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies" - George R. R. Martin

This novel tackles big issues around racism and extremism. A provoking read indeed.

I hope you have enjoyed this month's issue.

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