Review // Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet

With May and the #memademay challenge fast approaching, I decided that I am only sewing warm items for the first half of this year as this seems to be a huge gap in my handmade wardrobe. And May in Mebourne is pretty chilly! 

So I finally got onto the Blackwood Cardigan wagon and oh my, now I know what all the fuss is about! It is quite interesting...I have noticed that the patterns that get the most love from the community, are often the more simple and practical ones. 

As soon as I finished my Blackwood, it was immediately my 'go-to' cardi for every cool day for at least a couple of months (I did make it in the midst of the Summer heat wave!).

You may notice it is not made exactly out of the packet...some of this was intentional and others, not quite. I'll go into this a bit later in the post.


The fabric I used is this incredibly soft jersey knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics, which fabric content I could not tell you. . The colour is this most delicious shade of pink. I have seen a lot of Blackwoods made in roma ponte which I am planning to try but I definitely prefer to wear a cosy fabric like this instead. My only disappointment with this fabric is that after just one day of wear, it started to pill, badly!  You can notice it in the pictures too.

Blackwood Cardigan


Intentional: I decided to leave the hem band off as I like the length without it. It just covers my bottom and I love to wear it with my active-wear to and from the gym class. 

Unintentional (but actually my new favourite design feature!): So I mistakenly cut out the neck band for the shorter version and only realised when I went to attach it. At first I was gutted as I didn't have enough fabric to cut another band. But I quickly decided to just attach what I had even it it didn't go all the way to the hem and the thing is...I love it! It is a really pretty, accidental design feature. 


Maintaining control of stretch this fabric is very important. I always freak out when using my overlocker on super stretchy jersey's like this as I have had absolute disasters in the past so I didn't use my overlocker at all. As a result, the inside is not as neat as it could be but I didn't want to risk having lettuce seams and hems.

One this I always use is fusible stabilisation tape on my hems to prevent stretching when sewing them on the sewing machine. If you are interested about how I deal with knits, check out the Sewing with Knits blog series that I wrote last year.

What I would do different next time:

Nothing! Although I do plan to make a Blackwood without any changes.

Final Thoughts

Simple, everyday, practical makes are a winner in my book so there will definitely be more Blackwoods to come.

Blackwood Cardigan
Blackwood Cardigan
Blackwood Cardigan
Blackwood Cardigan