Fashion Revolution Week 2017

I thought I would put up a quick post about an exciting worldwide campaign called Fashion Revolution Week which is happening...well right now! (See links at bottome of this post links below for more information)

The campaign was initiated after the tragic and avoidable collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh in 2013. This event sparked concern about the conditions of labourers working in these types of clothing factories which produce clothes for large and cheap fashion brands, also known as "fast-fashion".

Fast fashion is an industry where trends are changed every two weeks. Clothing is produced as quickly and cheaply as possible in order to provide the consumer (yes us) with what they want- exceptionally cheap clothing with lightning speed turnover. Anyone who has ever attempted to sew a garment of any kind will understand the time, effort and quite frankly skill that goes into making that piece. It is so easy to buy your $5 T-shirt in the latest trend and never think about where (but more importantly who) made it. We are all guilty of this. Before I started sewing, I could never have comprehended the amount of work that goes into creating one garment.

The Fashion Revolution campaign is about bringing awareness to these issues and promoting 'slow-fashion'. Clothing yourself is a basic necessity of life. I am certainly not saying the only way to support 'slow-fashion' is to learn to sew. Here are some other ways:

  • If sewing isn't your thing, consider supporting big and small fashion designers who have ethical production values. These types of business are growing and are not hard to find.
  • Alternately, visit your local op-shop (charity stores). There are always high quality items that you can find- some of the items that I have purchased from op-shops are my favourite!
  • If you have item that you no longer wear (we all do!), give it to a friend, charity shop or get creative and think about how you can up-cycle it.

Ok, lets just stop and put all the seriousness aside for a sec and consider that SEWING IS FUN! It's therapy, it's being creative, it getting that endorphin rush when you perfectly match your seams or when someone says "Wow, where did you get that?"! It's no longer the granny-hobby it was once (and still is by many) thought of. Yay for that! 

To find out more about Fashion Revolution Week head to the official website which has interesting stories and information about how you can get involved. Make sure you follow them on Instagram and use the #whomademyclothes to join the conversation.

Justine Leconte.jpg

Another great resource is Justine Leconte's You-Tube channel. She is a French Berlin-based fashion designer with a conscience. She makes great videos about style and clothing design but I especially like her episodes about the fast fashion industry.